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birdland by weather report is a song i absolutely love but it also kind of sounds like it should be playing over a montage of footage of a snarky lawyer, chyron adorned

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all jazz fusion is constantly riding a terrifying knife's edge between sounding rad and sounding like 80s sitcom incidental music

watching an hour long youtube video about dishwasher detergent. i don't even have a dishwasher

northernlion posting 

nl was told to draw "hulk hogan birthday" and drew angry malf working at mad max mcdonalds

i'm a big fan of the art at wilshire/vermont station, its like this weird typographic tile mural thing. i pass through that station a lot and i always smile at it. also it has the longest continuous escalator in the state of california

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theres a freakin giant sperm on the floor of vermont/sunset station dude. what the hell


i like cooked tuna plenty but it is so much less good than raw tuna it's unreal. why did we even invent cooking

my phone making a weird noise i've never heard it make before to alert me of the earthquake was scarier than the earthquake itself.

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learning that in japanese you can make a statement into a question by just sticking か on the end of the sentence instead of having to change the word order (compare english "it is raining" : "is it raining?" vs japanese γ€Œι›¨γ§γ™γ€οΌšγ€Œι›¨γ§γ™γ‹γ€) made me be like. man why the fuck do we do that

I did it! My game Toys On Fire is finally done (although I might update it of course) and released. You can get it for free on

There's also a paid option that gets you all the meshes and textures i made myself (for this game), and you can use them however you like!

the original cringe compilation, the confessions of st augustine

every time i think gnosia has shown all its cards, it does something else to blow me a away. i'm super excited to see where it goes. really blew my expectations for "single player amogus" out of the water.

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