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every year for the last four years on halloween i have played one year of grim fandango. i am finishing it tonight over at

i started playing apollo justice this evening and if i had not just seen it with my own eyeballs i would not believe this was a real screenshot from a phoenix wright game

on the train across from a dude whose shirt says "LIFESTYLE VAPING"

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RYAN: I just wanted to decide how much i was going to let slip that I am not a normal person, because I was in my car earlier today, listening to eleanor rigby, and going like [to the tune of eleanor rigby] "ryan letourneau, shitting a turd in a toilet alone on the bus"

like every other game (and even most prerendered animation like on tv and in movies), it looks marvellous when nothing is moving and as soon as anything moves more than a tiny bit the illusion shatters and it looks too 3D.

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the fake cel shading in darkest dungeon 2 is probably the best i have ever seen in a game and it still doesn't look very good

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"I watched that Tiger Woods documentary Tiger [...] Tiger Woods, his knees and back got so fucked up from golfing that like, he could barely walk, he's hitting drives and grimacing and falling to the ground -- did anyone tell him... it's golf? like there are octogenarians who golf like, two times a week... how hard can it be?"

when doctors invent the technology that lets them open up my brain and read my thoughts all they will see is that line from DWYCK about how "lemonade was a popular drink and it still is"




@PastaLegion AND @prophet_goddess AND @topghost AND YOU ARE GOOD

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CHIB: i asked my chat if i should play [super auto pets] and they called me stupid

RYAN: that doesn't sound like your chat, that sounds like my chat.

played the new jackbox party pack with friends tonight. job job is the clear highlight, i almost passed out laughing

I'm on stream tonight at with @catalina, @prophet_goddess, and more cool folks! We're checking out the new Jackbox Party Pack 8 πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰

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