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supersaws: the swarm of computer bees that everyone loves!

since the porn purge jeff gerstmann has had the best blog on tumblr. i don't know how he does it

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today a car pulled out of a parking garage and made me slam on my bike's brakes and i had to stop myself from practically screaming "YOU PIECE!"

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being a northernlion viewer has a profound effect on ones vocabulary and the current way this manifests for me is muttering "oh, you piece" under my breath every time someone in a car almost runs me over

companies describing what they do as "ethical" in their job posting descriptions has big "my 'not involved in human trafficking' t-shirt has people asking a lot of questions already answered by my shirt"

ah, to go back in time and convince some rube travelling to new york city that i have a fantastic machine that prints a hundred dollar bill over the course of six hours that i'm looking to sell

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my dream career is to be a confidence trickster on transatlantic ferries during the interwar period

though, frankly, the more i think about it, the more i realize that people complain exactly like this about every industry, and the problem is actually that the world is bad and happiness is impossible. my advice is to go back in time and prevent your own birth

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i genuinely do think that the games industry should actually have *more* gatekeeping because people need to be prevented from thinking making video games is a real career you can be happy doing

i'm so glad i have friends who aren't video game developers.

also it is so wild that dltzk put out this record, a second dariacore record, teen week, AND frailty all last year. teenagers have so much damn time on their hands dude

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i shoulda put fuckin dariacore on my albums of the year list. this album has a hyperpop breakcore remix of a thousand miles by vanessa carlton on it that samples the default samsung ringtone and i put other albums that do not have that ahead of it

started playing ghost trick for the first time ever tonight and it's really good! i am enjoying myself. it is a refreshing change of pace after getting so frustrated with the final case of apollo justice i quit entirely.

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i have a new weirdest sample i've ever chopped up: the sound of asuka choking at the end of end of eva

i use burial's "archangel" as a reference track for mixing a lot and the problem with that is every time i listen to my own music next to archangel by burial i feel like maybe i should just give up and leave the whole music thing to him

i love dearly, but comments on pages are absolutely the dumbest comments i see anywhere on the internet

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