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they put a fucking standup meeting in this show. too real

i was curious what other animal kanji use the component 犭, and monkey (猿) does. and then i saw that the example words using that kanji on jisho were:

- ape man
- damages inflicted by monkeys
- ape man again

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i am a big fan of the kanji η‹Ό (wolf), becuase its two components mean "dog" and "good." the wolf is the good dog. 猫 (cat) is "grass field dog," which makes much less sense

so many commuter rail stations in the LA metro area were clearly designed by people who had never considered that someone might walk to or from them

you use incognito mode so no one sees porn in your browser history. i use incognito mode to bypass the paywall on the wirecutter. we are not the same

i am very tired and just listening to this track over and over again and i think i'm achieving some kind of higher state of consciousness

me: i would like to buy a couch

couch manufacturers: would you like to spend a quarter of your monthly income on a place you put your ass or would you like a shitty couch

me: neither

couch manufacturers: yeah we got a great couch for you it's called go fuck yourself

i used an iphone for the first time in like 5+ years last night and i felt like i'm a million years old. what happened to the big button you push to go back to the home screen. the person whose phone it was told me their password and i still could not figure out how to unlock it. i am a professional computer pervert and i was reduced to cinders at the hands of apple UX

thinking about this revolutionary girl utena interview again (KI is kunihiko ikuhara, director of the anime, CS is chiho saito, creator of the manga)

talking about something nsfw 

my debit card expired and i'm trying to update it on pixiv fanbox and mastercard wants me to call them to confirm it's me! get off my ass mastercard and let me look at anime tiddies!!

the best shit in the company i work at's office:

- virtual on saturn controller we use to prop up the webcam in the conference room
- ι›»θ»Šγ§GO! controller
- long sonic
- kirby otamatone

i've been doing a lot of tech art at work lately and our art team uses subversion for version control and i think i've been subversion pilled. every time i try to do anything with git it breaks. subversion just... does what i want??

i hate a lot of things about maya, but how long it takes to close is probably the top of the list. i hit the x, say "don't save," and then it takes like fully 30 seconds to a full minute to exit. what are you doing in there. i told you not to save, just fucking return 0; and call it

the other thing, and this was kind of bonkers about the game selection in clubhouse games too, is that they have tennis, volleyball, *and* badminton. for the purposes of a wii sports-esque experience these are all exactly the fucking same

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the new nintendo switch sports game seems mostly pretty whatever but making the bowling game a 15-person bowling battle royale where the players with the worst scores each frame get knocked out is inspired

i'm happy that i live in an area of koreatown that for the most part is built for people, not for cars, but just two stops down the purple line is a whole different story. this staples was a block from wilshire/vermont station! there were other people trying to get to this staples on foot!

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something that is infuriatingly common in LA is buildings where it's obvious that the people who built them never considered that anyone would approach them outside of a car.

i just had to go to staples, and the staples was on the other side of a huge parking lot and i had to walk on the side of a narrow driveway with a huge truck that swerved randomly and almost killed me to get in. there's a target near there where the only way in is through the parking garage, with no room for pedestrians.

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