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english vtubers often refer to themselves as "ENVtubers" which i always read as "env tubers", like some kind of potato stored in an environment variable

i used to get kinda frustrated at how often game engines would integrate lua as a scripting language because i think lua's kind of ass but now i'm doing it myself for my side project and yknow i get it, this is easy as hell

it is a truth universally acknowledged that nobody is less funny than comedy writers

incredible security questions. i did not attend high school, i have never owned a car, and i don't have a favorite sports team, i just like baseball in general.

i sure wish that i could stop waking up feeling like i had been run over by a truck in my sleep

finally clicked with shiren the wanderer this evening, that game rules

covid, good news 

guess who just tested negative on their second covid test after being exposed on friday 😎

my mom just sent me, unprompted, a link to a right wing "news" website that she apparently pays TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS A MONTH to subscribe to. i am going to lose my bonkers

i finally worked up the courage to dispose of the horrifying leftover mapo tofu in my freezer, i deserve a medal

:ohgod_ohfuck: i accidentally slept through standup

:lionDemon: the producer did too

thinking about becoming someone who can easily identify railway rolling stock on sight

very cool how these moronic institutions have so much control over your life! love it!

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just got my renters report/credit check from the apartment and APPARENTLY the reason i haven't been able to open a bank account is because equifax thinks i was born in january for some reason

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Just had to pay 100$ for doc appointment and gunna have to pay another 100 for prescriptions. Anything helps and anything extra goes to groceries and bills.$fillertrack
venmo: fillertrack

also its fucked that they literally have my email address but they continue to insist on calling me to tell me they're going to send me an email

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apartment i applied for FINALLY got back to me to ask for income verification so hopefully they verify me quickly and i can get the hell outta here

in like a hundred years we're still going to be calling the week in june where video games get announced "E3" but nobody will remember why

its very funny when you read a long wikipedia article about something and then you get to the bottom and there's a "criticism" section thats just like "oh by the way all of that was bullshit"

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