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hey @dankwraith i can't post in the trash channel in the FNA discord but can you tell them that i appreciate all the nice things they said about my blog post

i was so sure i had messed up my math somewhere, i had never implemented a minkowski difference function before, nope turns out i did all that perfect and i was just breaking the sweep test loop as soon as it hit something so it couldn't handle multiple collisions

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oh my god i have been stuck debugging this collision code for like two days and it turns out i just accidentally put a break statement somewhere i shouldn't have

working on the love2d tutorial i promised and i am going to finish it becuase i said i would but god i forgot how much dynamically typed languages suck ass. currently scanning every inch of my collider code for a bug that would be trivial for a static type system to catch

:sickos: there's a new porter robinson single

:ohgod_ohfuck: it's a league of legends tie-in

:sickos: it's actually really good

:ohgod_ohfuck: it's actually really good

the ad behind home plate at angel stadium is incredible. who's out here watching angels home games and being like "y'know, now that you mention it, i do need some linear motion"

max muncy inexplicably falling on his ass as though an invisible daemon has cursed him

mathematicians: you can't say division by zero is equal to infinity because the limit is poorly defined, it's positive infinity if you approach from the positive direction but negative infinity if you approach from the negative direction

IEEE 754: what if we have negative zero


watching the dodgers clobber the angels isn't even fun. this is a very sad baseball game

i accidentally had chinese food delivered to my old apartment 😩

game one: dodgers lose by one

game two: dodgers come back from a seven run deficit

game three: dodgers are up 4-0 in the seventh


remember when people on here were talking about nine mens morris all the damn time

looking through the famicase exhibition submissions from this year and this one by australian designer william hackworth featuring a skeleton smoking a joint is top tier

max muncy figuring out that the evil gremlin who stole his ability to hit the baseball can't hurt him if he doesn't swing

has a baseball team ever tried to disguise one good hitter as multiple hitters to fill out their lineup? i feel like that would be a fun wacky way to cheat someone would have tried

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