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just biked ten miles in one day after not doing really any kind of strenuous physical exercise for uh... my entire life. i am not dead, and frankly i deserve a medal for that

time to watch an hour long video about electric cars when i don't know how to drive and i will never learn and i will also never live in a place where owning an electric car would make sense

playing famicom games in japanese sucks because they didn't actaully have enough room for kanji on the cartridges back the so you have to actually know the words instead of just wildly guessing at what they mean based on the kanji

dragon quest contains some of the most galaxy brained shit i have ever seen in an rpg: you have to rescue a princess, and when you do, she says she wants to "give you [her] love," and then you get an literal item in your inventory called "gawelin's love" and when you use it she tells you how much xp you have before you level up and then says i love you

i have now finished watching the first season of daria for the first time and this show rules?? i honestly feel like daria has been undersold my whole life it's genuinely great, why aren't millennials constantly talking up this show instead of like the concept of colored translucent plastic

it's very funny to me that even though it's been like a decade since anyone bought music on any kind of disk, dj controllers still have to have a big fake record platter based interface

if your tutorial begins with me having to download some kind of boilerplate project rather than you explaining how to set it up myself, what you have created is worse than useless

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i hate tutorials that assume i am completely incurious about the reasons behind things or their inner workings, unfortunately this is the only kind of tutorial that exists anymore

people are not prepared for the upcoming critical re-evaluation of skrillex

and don't even get me STARTED on the french. at least there's only two of those guys but they're real good

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how is that we let the british make some of the best dance music. why did we let them get away with that

going back in time to tell 15 year old me learning fl studio that while i'm at it i should stop being a smug little shit and learn dj stuff too

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i want to learn how to dj. i wish that was a thing i decided i wanted to know how to do before seo practices obliterated the ability to find information online

my bike's drive train literally fell apart while i was riding it yesterday but on the bright side i finally understand how a derailleur works

medical, gross 

it's very cool that my body frequently just spontaneously generates painful open sores in my mouth for reasons unknown to medical science. i love how every 2-4 months i am unable to eat or talk for a week

it honestly took me quite a long time before i learned that paul newman was famous for things other than salad dressing

i love my bike, but a cool thing about owning a bike made in the 1960s is that almost none of the mechanical shit people say about bikes online is true about my bike

i went to dinner with friends tonight and the server recognized my eva shirt and started talking to us about anime and i went bodily into hell i will never wear an anime shirt in public again

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