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frankenstein is the name of the doctor. you're thinking of frankenstein's boyfriend

i made a command decision and acquired a nintendo switch

chrono trigger is a good game. this has been a public service announcement.

suicide (~) 

ui scaling code is the ultimate "when you've done something right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all"

writing code that scales ui elements to fit the screen resolution makes me feel like a wizard every time

i now have to program [camera zooms in].... a user interface [violin sting]

when i wake up early i feel like shit because i'm tired and when i wake up late i feel like shit because i have a headache. the human condition is to feel like shit

Hey folks I need a job again, Looking for game jobs or anything in the Seattle area as my contract is ending.

Currently: Game Systems Designer on a major AAA game

Past: Game Designer on AAA and F2P games, Unity game programmer, QA

Skills: Unity/C# (5+ years) Game Design (4+ years), Javascript, Lua, general programming. Illustration and Writing too

LMK if you have any leads and if not feel free to boost it, looking for work sucks. Thanks.

rewrites suck because all i have to post would be stuff i've by definition posted before. anyway i finished re-implementing the level generator be proud of me

while looking for pictures of soft boiled eggs i found some forum posts i need to share with you.

only computer programmers could take an idea as fundamentally kind and open as free software and turn it into an excuse to be condescending, pedantic, and generally unpleasant

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