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the original cringe compilation, the confessions of st augustine

every time i think gnosia has shown all its cards, it does something else to blow me a away. i'm super excited to see where it goes. really blew my expectations for "single player amogus" out of the water.

there is this huge ripped dude on the train next to me and he is gently, subtly headbanging and playing air guitar along with whatever hes listening to on his earbuds while smiling and scrolling social media on his phone. i hope he has a great day

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RYAN: what was the gandhi quote again?

RYAN: the gandhi quote was like if they can't handle you at your worst they don't deserve you at your best?

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RYAN: did you know that cleopatra lived closer to gangnam style than the pyramids? it's true.


RYAN: i think she'd be a bigger fan of gangnam style than the pyramids, too.

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"wario i wouldn't expect you to stigmatize someone's mental health considering you regularly eat your own motorcycle"

its very funny that because of his old hour long kotaku video review of the xbox one elite controller series two, all my friends and i refer to it as "The Tim Rogers Controller"

i tolerate mahjong soul because the monetization strategies in that game are so oblique i could not figure out how to spend money on the game even if i wanted to

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i was interested in world flipper because i love pinball and i love anime girls but i watched the first like 2 minutes of the giant bomb quick look of it and remembered what those games are like. sigh. i just want games with hot anime girls in them that aren't trying to get me addicted to gambling

the best quirk of the activitypub protocol is that you only see posts on people's profiles that your server knows about, so if you click on someone's profile odds are most of what you'll see is just a whistle stop tour of your own best posts that this person has boosted.

when i join a mahjong soul lobby and everyone else's username is in kanji

when i join a mahjong soul lobby and everyone else's username is in kanji

also started playing gnosia, which is basically.... single player amogus? it's really interesting and i'm curious to see more. also very curious about how it works under the hood

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finished the friends of ringo ishikawa! god that game whips. seriously, play it!!!

i check my spam folder regularly to make sure nothing important gets in there, and this has alerted me to the fact that recently twitter decided to start emailing me every time rami ismail or ian bogost tweets. i hate both of those people and do not follow them

i still have daffy duck thlamming his penith in the car door stuck in my head

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